FAQ Flight information Houston Texas Biplane flights

Flight Information:

How many passengers can fly?

One or two passengers can fly in the front cockpit. Enjoy the flight with a friend!

We have unrestricted flight profiles below 300lbs, with a maximum of 400lbs. Please let us know if the total weight will be above 300 so we can plan the fuel (quantity and weight) accordingly.

Is there a minimum age to fly?

There is no specific minimum age, but we need to ensure safety instruction can be followed and passengers can fit securely with the shoulder harness. It is best for all passengers to see over the side railings to enjoy the flight…a height of 48″ or above is recommended.

What do I need to bring and wear?

You may bring a camera, water bottle, or other accessories…but they need to be secure inside the cockpit. Our plane flies approximately 100 miles per hour with an open cockpit…anything held outside the coverage of the windscreen may disappear!

The wind will blow your hair if it is long…please tie your hair back in a pony tail, braid, or with a band.

In the summer, shorts and t-shirt are perfect! We recommend sunglasses and sunblock. In winter months, we recommend you check the weather conditions and dress to stay warm. There is heat available and you will be comfortable, but it can get chilly in an open cockpit.

Please wear flat shoes, no heels in the plane.

What are your flight hours?

We fly seven days a week from sunrise to sunset. Subject to pilot availability and weather, we can fly early morning or land at sunset, or anything in between. If you are interested in sunset flights, please note the time changes throughout the year:


Types of payment you accept?

We accept major credit cards in our Texas Biplane store. If you want to call, we can process credit cards over the phone. If you prefer additional payment security after calling to discuss your flight, we can send a PayPal link via email or text…it is as simple as sign in and done! Online booking fees apply…in-person payment options at the airport can be coordinated to avoid those fees. Call for more detail.

Can I get a video of the biplane flight experience?

YES! The plane is equipped with three GoPro cameras along with an additional camera which records a 360-degree view! Two GoPros are mounted on the wings, one GoPro is available for candid passenger shots in the cockpit while recording intercom audio, and the 360-degree camera is mounted between cockpits for an awesome view in all direction! The cameras capture high-quality videos and photos.

Let us know if interested when booking your flight and we will let you know purchase options.

Can I take pictures using my own camera?

Yes, you can take pictures, but you will need to keep your camera inside the cockpit. The wind can easily take anything out of your hand and hit the plane. We recommend keep your phone/camera secure, enjoy the flight, and check out the awesome views captured by the mounted GoPro cameras!

Booking Policy:


You can book online through our Texas Biplane store or over the phone, 281-698-7524. If you want to confirm availability for a specific time, you can send us an email from our Contact Us page, or give us a call directly to discuss dates and complete your booking. Your reservation is good for six months and is then subject any rate changes. All reservations expire one year from booking.


If you chose to modify your reservation prior to 72 hours before your flight, you can reschedule at no cost, or your payment can be refunded minus a $50 booking fee. Cancelations 24-72 hours prior can be rescheduled at no cost, or refunded minus a $100 cancelation fee. For a no-show (including cancelations within 24 hours of the flight), the booking will be canceled without a refund.

Weather or Aircraft Maintenance Cancelation:

If weather causes the flight to be canceled, the flight will be rescheduled at no cost. Refund requests due to weather cancelations are subject to cancelation fees above. If the flight is canceled due to aircraft maintenance or other operational delays, the flight can be rescheduled at no cost or refunded in full.

Gift Certificates are subject to the same terms, and may be be transferred to another party with coordination.